BioStrada – Brako 2011-

The cooperation between Brako – Macedonia and BioStrada – Italy began in 2011.

Activity description of the company BioStrada

BioStrada is a company that deals with manufacturing of special ecological vehicles for cleaning of the roads, better known as Road Sweepers.
The new model of the Road Sweeper form the production line of Biostrada with the marking TEC 5.2 is remarkably adaptable and suitable for use in both industrial and urban surroundings thanks to the “four wheel” drive and steering. This vehicle is especially suitable for cleaning of the streets, markets and factories where the uncleanness and the working surrounding are particularly heavy and where the use of water is not always possible (for example, factories for cements, the metal industry, foundries etc.).
Due to the high capacity of the vehicle that has the capability to clean over 70 000 square meters per hour, it provides advanced ecological performances.

Description of Brako's activities for the company BioStrada

As a metal-manufacturing company, Brako in cooperation with BioStrada, produces all the metal components which are used in the assembly of the BioStrada vehicles.

The components that are made in the manufacturing capacity of Brako and that are intended for Biostrada, are divided in the following groups:

  • Chassis of the vehicle. The chassis is mainly produced of steel profiles that are welded between each other. The whole frame is adapted for connection and assembly of all the other components of the vehicle. The corrosion protection is achieved by sandblasting and applying several layers of protective coating which provides protection for longer than 20 years.
  • Transportation system for waste transport. These elements are made of steel sheets that are specially shaped to complete their function and are protected by a protective coating which provides protection for longer than 20 years.
  • Container for waste deposit. This product is made out of Inox material and has capacity to store 5, 5 m³ of waste. This product is painted with high-glossy coatings as to achieve excellent visual effect.
  • Fluids tanks. In this group, the following products are included: water tank with capacity of 500 liters, completely made of Inox material, tank for hydraulic oil, gasoline tank, and tank for cooling fluid of the engine
  • Metal bodywork parts. In this group we have elements such as: frames for doors and doors, stairs for climbing into the cabin, front and rear bumpers, protective side covers etc.
  • Metal connection parts. This group includes the parts that are produced by a machine work. It involves parts like hubs, axles,bushings,connective flanges, screws for special intended use, coils etc. these parts are protected from corrosion by a process of cold zinc coating.
  • Metal mechanical parts. Within this group we have parts such as guideline for front and rear axles, motor holders, holders for the engine cooling system, holders for the exhaust system, air flow pipes etc.


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