Company “BRAKO” has been founded back in 1947 in Veles, Republic of Macedonia.

In 1994 this company is put into receivership that ended in 1995 when company gain “in transformation” status. In 2001 the transformation is stopped and the bankruptcy proceedings are restarted, and than in 2003 the company transparently becomes private property.

After the ending of the bankruptcy proceedings and after making the company private, a new era in the working of the company started. The monthly production of 400 tons of wire products expended to monthly production of 1200 tons. This expansion is result of the vision for successful management of the company, as well as continues investments in the company. The basic interest of the company today is the production of wire products, by witch the company is well known at many markets in the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe.

By accomplishing the production of 1400 tons of wire products per month, in the beginning of 2005, BRAKO imposed as a serious leader in the production of wire products in the country and in the region.With the vision of becoming a Balkan leader in production of wire products, in the beginning of 2006, more exactly the end of 2005, BRAKO opened a new production plants by the ports of the river Danube in Vidin, Republic of Bulgaria “BRAKO BULGARIA” and Pancevo, Serbia and Monte Negro “BRAKO-FEROPRODUKT”, and become a holding company.

This location of the production plants is not accidental, using of the benefits of the river transport are just one part of the vision and success of the company, in the effort to become serious Balkan leader in production of wire products.

Today, BRAKO Holding is a leader in production of wire products in South Eastern Europe, with capacity of 3500 tons per month.

The products of BRAKO are sold not only on domestic markets, but also on the markets of the following countries: Greece, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Hungary and other markets.

Even that today brand name of BRAKO is already recognized on those markets by its wide range of high quality products, with vision for success and development as well as implementation of new modern trends in these field, BRAKO is continuously improving current production by investing in new modern technologies, innovating the current managing of the company as well as expanding of the current production range.

By the production of wire products and already existing production of medical furniture, BRAKO started with construction and production of conveyor belt systems, with excellent quality and solutions. With the aim of developing in multiple fields of the society needs, BRAKO opened a gas station BRAKO PETROL, which gave a different dimension of the working in that field.


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