Buckets for excavators

Long time experience in the metal industry that BRAKO DOO is behind in mid-2009 and was extended in the design and manufacture of backhoe buckets (Excavator buckets), in order to offer making this type of products already renowned European companies in this area , as their suppliers .

At the end of 2009 BRAKO signed contract with Austrian company to design and manufacture of backhoe buckets according to their Drafts and specifications . It was developed several different classes of baskets in different dimensions ( volume capacity ) for different classes of machines (Excavators) 1,5 to 30 tons .

Buckets are made from the highest quality materials , wear resistant , as HARDOX400 and HARDOX450.

Adapter plates which are elements connecting the bucket with machine were made depending on the type of machine that bucket will be designed, according to requirement, or draft specification of the client .


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