Brako – Synonym for quality, efficiency and market recognition

Our mission:

  • Brako to be a leader in manufacturing wire products and medical equipment on the Balkans.
  • To provide our customers with best quality and wide range of products at competitive prices.

Permanent commitment – To base the key of the company's success on the following principles:

  • Continuous quality of our products, its constant maintenance and improvement in accordance with the requirement of the customers.;
  • Wide range of products in order to meet the stringent requirements of the market – the customers;
  • To continuously protect the health of our employees as well as the environment;
  • Continuous improvement of the working conditions, motivating and raising awareness of teamwork;
  • Continuous investment in staff resources of the company, in terms of vocational and job training;
  • The employees, the customers, the owners and the management of the company. Constantly advancing the staff psychology of their responsibilities for ensuring quality;
  • Implementation of the existing legal processes, standards, regulations and directives of the EU;
  • Constant improvement of the economic logic of the working operations (higher profits with lower costs);
  • Determining the quality management system ISO 9001:2008, the system for environmental protection ISO 14001:2004 and constantly reviewing their effectiveness;
  • Improvement and optimization of the working process by rationalization of the spent raw materials, energy, water , reduction of air emissions and preventing the pollution of ground water and soil;
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the performance of environmental protection and lowering the dangers of accidents;



DPTU Brako DOO - Rastanski pat No.2, Veles tel: +389 43 212560, fax: +389 43 232534