Transport systems for the tobacco industry

Within the frameworks of its working, Brako has a long-year experience with projecting and manufacturing of transport systems. Brako is always ready to offer its clients an analysis of their requirements for the manufacture of various transport systems, screening of the current field status, making a project and its realization up till the usage, as well as service and support.

The name Brako stands for projecting, manufacture and assembly of a large number of single transporters as well as systems comprised of several inter-connected transport units.
The main client for which Brako has realized most of the projects for manufacture of transport systems is Imperial Tobacco TKS AD Skopje.
The type and the dimensions are defined by the specific requirements of the clients and by the current status of the field.

The most common types of transporters are:

  • Linear transport lines powered by YOKI motors, HABASIT rubber tracks and pro-chrome tubs (mainly in the food industry)
  • Vibrational transporters


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