Wire mesh containers for plastic waste disposal

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The wire mesh container can be used for disposal of different kinds of plastic waste, primarily for disposal of plastic bottles.


It consists of outer wire construction with additional inner wire container, both made of rigid wire mesh. It has side-door with locking mechanism and key padlock, and it is used for easy taking out and emptying of the inner wire mesh container.

On the top of the wire mesh container there is a circular opening for insertion of the plastic waste, and on the front side of the container there is a metal plate for logo.Both outer and inner containers are electrostatic painted in blue color.

Basic technical data:
Outer container
length: 1500 mm
height: 1300 mm
width: 1000 mm
max. mesh opening: 50 mm x 50 mm
min. wire diameter: 4 mm
metal frame: 50 mm x 5 mm
Inner container
length: 1380 mm
height: 1125 mm
width: 930 mm
max. mesh opening: 30 mm x 30 mm
min. wire diameter: 3 mm
metal frame: 25 mm x 2,5 mm
circular opening: 150 mm - 200 mm
metal plate: 350 mm x 450 mm


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