The company “Brako” was founded in the year 1947 in Veles, R. Macedonia.

In 1994 this company undergone a bankruptcy proceeding which ended in 1995 when the company gained the status “in transformation”. In 2001 the transformation was stopped and the bankruptcy proceeding was re-established, and in 2003 the company was privatized in a transparent manner.

After the completion of the bankruptcy proceeding and the privatization of the company, a new era in the working of this company began. The monthly manufacture of wire products in the amount of 400 tons, have grown up to 1200 tons. Such increase in the manufacture is due to the vision for successful management of the company, as well as the continuous investments, invested in the company. Today, the main course of business of this company is manufacture of wire products, a program by which the company is well known on the markets on the Balkans and in Europe.

With the achievement of producing 1400 tons of wire products per month, at the beginning of 2005, the company “Brako” established itself as the leader in the manufacturing of wire products in the country and the wider region.

Even though the products of “Brako” have grown to be recognized brand by its quality and wide spectrum, with a vision for success and development, as well as implementation of new trends in this field, “Brako” is continuously improving the current manufacture by investments in new state of the art technologies in the field, innovating the current way of company management, as well as extension of the spectrum of products in all the spheres of the daily activities of the company.

Other than the manufacture of wire products, as well as the current manufacture spectrum of medical furniture and cargo trailers, the company “Brako” introduced a new production line for conveyor belt systems. Aiming to develop the company in several areas depending on the needs of the society, “Brako” opened its own Petrol gas station “Brako Petrol” which gave a new dimension in the work of the company.



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