Confection of the materials

CNC lasers

2 CNC lasers, Mitsubishi type, which are used for assembly, cutting of sheets that are raw material in the production process in all production programs. The accuracy of cutting the materials is 0.1 mm and allows them to enter further production without additional finishing of the cut surfaces. Lasers are used to cut steel, aluminum and stainless steel sheets.

CNC plasma

2 CNC plasmas for sheet metal fabrication up to a thickness of 35 mm. The cutting accuracy is 0.5 mm and they are used to prepare semi-finished products for further production. One of the plasmas has an additional head for opening holes in larger tubes. CNC plasmas can be equipped with gas cutting heads, which can cut sheets up to 110 mm thick.

CNC laser for three-dimensional cutting

CNC laser for three-dimensional pipe cutting. The accuracy of cutting steel, aluminum and stainless steel pipes is 0.1 mm. This machine provides ideal spatial tube cutting for the production of tubular structures in the medical program and vehicle production.

Shotgun line

Shot blasting line for anti-corrosive preparation of sheets, tubes, welded assemblies before further processing or surface protection for higher quality.