Green Machines

The best sweepers on hydrogen, electric and classic drive.

The world-famous Green Machines brand has been owned by BRAKO since 2019, after a whole decade earlier BRAKO independently produced the vehicles for the then owner. Urban sanitation vehicles are now fully our own product and are sold through our own subsidiaries in the US, UK, Netherlands and Germany.
In 2020, we became the first company in the world to produce a hydrogen-powered hygiene maintenance vehicle, and this is an indicator of the direction in which we see the energy future of the world – towards clean and non-polluting technologies.
Since the acquisition of the brand, we have established a team of development engineers, and to date 3 new vehicle models have been developed in the product range. Technologically advanced vehicles that, from drawing to driving, are carefully created in our factory only by its employees.
Electric powered machines produced in Veles clean London, Paris, New York, Washington, Rome, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Geneva, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Sydney and many other world centers and capitals in more than 60 countries around the world.